Torque SuperWallet - More than just allowing you to build your business and wealth, you can pay for your travel and shopping needs instantly, make transfers wallet to wallet and convert to any major coins anytime.

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A SuperWallet packed with all an individual’s essentials

Wealth Creation

Utilising the latest technology to create an ultimate trading system. Constantly looking out for opportunities 24/7, generating income even while you’re sleeping. Leverage on TorqueBots to create your wealth.

TorqueBots Live

Watch TorqueBots in action live anytime, anywhere. We understand the importance of being transparent to maintain user's confidence and trust.

Torque Legacy

Wealth, Legacy, and your next generation. Ultimately, wealth transfer is not just about dollars; it’s about your family legacy.

Digital Lifestyle

Home of Modern Luxury.
Torque Digital Lifestyle – empowering our users to live their lives to the fullest. It’s about all the luxuries that make our lives richer — aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally

Torque Travel

More than 500,000 hotels worldwide and international flights for booking at your fingertips. Pamper yourself with a beach vacation or a luxury shopping trip can never be easier.

Torque Mall

You can find wide array of products for daily essentials or indulge yourself in luxury shopping all within Torque Mall. Constantly bringing you interesting and unique products.

Discovering Yourself

Life is about continuous learning, discovering new things, and growing. Learn and grow with Torque Academy on trading, blockchain technology and many more. Discover and immerge yourself in Torque e-Sports and Games.

Torque Academy

Our experts’ series of online courses, from learning how to trade to understanding the capabilities, applicability of blockchain technology and many more.

Torque e-Sports & Games

Torque has a dedicated team of game developers, thriving to offer the best gaming experience for our users. You will sure find a game for yourself.

Business Collaboration

Torque is a forward-looking company that actively seeking business collaboration opportunities. We strongly believe that Collaboration Drives Growth and Innovation. Work with Torque today for a greater tomorrow!

InApp & Mall Vendor

We can provide seamless connectivity to your business within Torque Appstore that can link your services onboard with Torque App. Be a vendor with Torque Mall and pay with TORQ.


Grow your network with like minded people and let them grow their wealth with you together.

Torque GIFT

Giving It From Torque (GIFT) is our charity initiatives that raised fund for charity organizations.

Other Opportunities

If you have any ideas for us to work together, let us know! We would love to explore various collaboration. Contact us today.


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